If you are in a bad mortgage or your credit card repayments are taking over your finances, there is likely something we can do to help!

If your mortgage no longer suits your lifestyle, if your bank has increased your interest rate by too much, if you entered into a sub-prime mortgage and would now meet the criteria of a superior mortgage or if you would like to have access to some of your equity to take a holiday, buy a new car or do some renovations than you are a prime candidate for refinancing. Pride Mortgage Services can show you ways to get into a better mortgage for you, lowering your repayments or paying off your loan faster!

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If you’re making multiple repayments monthly to too many different loans and paying interest rates above 15% for your credit cards or personal loans and would like to have it all simplified into one repayment while saving yourself thousands of dollars in interest, then talk to Pride Mortgage Services today about Debt Consolidation.


Countless people – in fact more than 80% of home buyers – choose a home loan for all the wrong reasons. They struggle year after year with results far below their true potential.

Many people will enter into home loans because they have advertised the best rate of the day, or offered you discounted establishment fees, more often than not this ends in bitter disappointment. Some people enter into a non-conforming loan – like a lo-doc loan – because they don’t want to or cannot wait to meet the criteria of a better loan, and they end up paying thousands of dollars more in interest. Over time more and more of the shortcomings of the loan become painfully apparent and you will either put up with it, or pay huge penalties and new setup fees to get out and take a better deal elsewhere.

Do you feel you’re working too hard to pay off your loan with very little reward? Do you think you could be paying a lower interest rate?

Pride Mortgage Services has developed a reputation for producing results and developing relationships with homebuyers that are the envy of our competitors.

For almost 20 years, Pride Mortgage Services have committed thousands of hours, working with homebuyers, one on one, developing and enhancing knowledge of home loans and ultimately assisting them in choosing the perfect loan for them.

If you feel you’re working too hard to pay off your loan with very little reward, call us and we’ll untangle the Mortgage Maze for you.

Debt Consolidation

There are 14,754488 credit cards in Australia as of October 2019, netting a national debt accruing intereset of $29 billion. Credit card companies charge up to 20% interest (and some credit providers charge more than that, around 25-30% on your credit after the expired “interest free” period on store purchases) on this debt, and credit card limits are getting bigger every day. On top of your credit cards, you also pay your personal loan for that holiday and your car loan at much higher interest rates than what you’re paying on your home loan.

It is possible to combine all of these debts into your home loan, eliminate all the extra payments and just make one repayment with much lower interest right now, saving yourself thousands of dollars or eliminating all your debt much sooner! Imagine the relief of knowing that your credit card debt is no longer something you have to worry about.

To Lower Your Repayments

If you are struggling to make the repayments of all your different loans, we can consolidate all your debt into one loan and ONE MONTHLY REPAYMENT, saving your hundreds every month.

Loan Amount Interest Rate Monthly Repayments
Home Loan $150,000 7% $998
Car Loan $22,000 12% $489
Store Card $3,200 30% $112
Credit Card $10,000 19% $258
Total Monthly Repayments $1857
This example below shows a mortgage with a rate of 7% over 30 years, a regular car loan over 5 years, a credit card and a store credit loan after the expired ‘interest free’ period, with a total monthly repayment of $1857.Note: Paying the minimum repayments on store and credit cards will BARELY reduce those debts.

Loan Amount Interest Rate Monthly Repayments
Consolidated Loan $185,200 7% $1232

This is how low your total monthly repayments could be, if you extended your mortgage to pay off all the other debts. That’s $625 more in your pocket per month! Would that ease some pressure?

To Be Debt-Free Quicker

If you can afford to keep up your current monthly debt repayments but would rather make this money work harder, then consolidating your loans could make your debt disappear  years earlier, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in interest!!

Loan Repayments Loan Term Total Interest Paid
Minimum Repayments $1232 30 years $258,320
Maintaining Current Debt Repayments $1997 12yrs 6mths   $93,350
TOTAL SAVED 17yrs 6mths $164,970

By maintaining your current repayments into your consolidated mortgage, all your debt – including your home loan – is totally gone years and years earlier.

Get in contact with us today and let us reduce your debt stress and help save you in needless interest!

The above examples are provided as a guide only and are not exhaustive of every possible scenario and can only be determined by the outcome of a full loan application assessment, contact us to discuss your eligibility, discussing your needs and the possibilty of submitting a loan application.

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