Many clients over the years have come to us knowing that they have equity in their owner occupied homes, and a little bit of spare cash, and want to invest, however tell us they don’t know where to start.

At Pride Mortgage Services we help our clients with firstly seeing what their borrowing capacity is like and then providing some scenarios of different price ranges and seeing how comfortable they are with the loan amount and contribution to the loan repayment. We then help them in the next steps.

Tax structuring and even providing contacts with where to buy, Property Profile Reports and Insurance.

Investment solutions

Pauline has built a large Investment Portfolio herself and will share her experiences.
We have found once clients secure their first investment purchase, and realise the process is quite easy, it opens the door to easily creating your own Investment Portfolio.

Investing in properties are popular investing options for the rental income, capital growth, leverage and tax breaks they offer.

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The Dos of Property Investment

Do Concentrate on the Numbers

Numbers tell you virtually everything and are cold and hard, which is just what you want when making investment decisions. the aim of most property investors is to make money, and the numbers don’t lie. Add in some sensitivity analyis around the values, interest rates, rents and expenses, and you should be able to get a good idea of where your portfolio is likely to head.

Do Concentrate on the Long Term

Property is a long term game, especially when it costs five to six per cent to buy and two to four per cent to sell before capital gains tax. It’s therefore essential that you buy the right property in the first place and don’t have to sell soon after, as that can quickly make any profit disappear.

Do Buy in the Best Location You Can Afford

They say location, location, location for a reason. Buyers and rentors are attracted to areas which are close to work, schools, transport and leisure facilities, and will often pay a premium for them. As affordability becomes more and more of a problem with ever-increasing property prices, the limited supply and high demand in the good suburbs may continue to sustain those higher prices.

Do Build In A Cash Buffer

Regardless of your investment, there will always be an element of risk. It’s important to try to reduce that risk as much as possible. As well as buying the best quality properties you can

in the best blue chip locations, it’s important to have plenty of spare cash on hand for any unseen circumstances, such as emergency repairs. It’s also important to budget for rising interest rates. The only people that typically lose money in property are those who are forced to sell, but having a cash buffer will reduce that risk and give you more time to ride out any bumps.

Do Get Professional Advice

It’s impossible to be an expert at everything. If you try to do everything yourself, you’re almost bound to make mistakes. Professional investors hire the best experts they can throughout the entire process including, accountants, lawyers, valuers, building inspectors, property managers and buyer’s agents. Cheap professionals are often cheap for a reason – they’re not busy and are desperate for business, or they don’t value their own expertise. The best professionals are often very busy and are successful property investors in their own right.

Do Be Contrarian

If you want to create more freedom and choice in your life, often you need to do the complete opposite of what a typical person does. It’s emotionally challenging to go against the grain, but often that’s what it takes. So do your homework, check for any possible downsides, and then go for gold.

To get started, call us today so we can help you work towards becoming financially independant.

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